Car Care Tips to Make Your Car protected from Corona Virus.

protection from corona virus

Car Care Tips to Make Your Car protected from Corona Virus.

The new coronavirus that emerged in china is spreading in several countries including INDIA so now we must take several precautions to control its spread and how will we do it? By considering proper hygiene factors so for that we take preventive measures in our daily used items like our car. One can spend at least 2-3 hours daily on a car while traveling so to keep that data in mind it’s our responsibility to take measures to dissolve hygiene problems in the car and save you from dangerous viruses like the coronavirus.


Number of ways you considered to prevent yourself from diseases in car:-


A.C treatmentAs you know corona virus is spreading through air droplets when you inhale the droplets directly you pick the germs thus lead to illness. Many times A.C circulates the contaminated air full of microbes that affect the health. So it’s important to get an A.C evaporator checked periodically and cleaned and improve A.C performance.


Why A.C treatment is important for the car?

  • It helps to eliminate the odor problem.
  • It ensures sanitation and proper functioning of air conditioning
  • Give treatment to infected air
  • Moisture occurs naturally, as it creates mold spores that feed on the moisture so it helps to rid that moisture.


Leather ConditioningCoronavirus gets infected by the hygiene problems so to have good health you must take care of leather conditioning that the seats who sit upon it’s not dirty so it’s required to have heavily worn protective coating upon the leather seats. Also, it is needed to have clean foot mats, plastics, and rubber surfaces to avoid grime.


Why Leather Conditioning is important?

  • The surface gets smoothened all over the coating of the seat
  • Help to treat the dirt from the surface
  • Maintain the quality of the leather


Through all these functioning we able to control the diseases to spread and generate a healthy environment which leads to an ill free nation so if you are interested to make your surrounding hygienic and healthy make sure you do consider all the above points and maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking care of your car hygiene.


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