Is Routine Service significant?

Is Routine Service significant?

Have you taken your car in for routine service lately?

The truth is that we often take our working cars for granted. Routine maintenance of your vehicle is important, and one aspect of routine maintenance that is often overlooked is brake service. Routine brake service is important not only for your safety but for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians, especially children who either walk or bike to and from school.


We often leave our brakes unattended until we notice something wrong. The most common reason people check their brakes is that of squeaking. Loud, high-pitched squeaks from your car are often a sign of dirty brakes, and a mechanic can easily fix the problem. However, other brake problems are not as loud or prominent, and therefore, often go unnoticed, which increases the risk of accidents. Other types of problems include low brake fluid or air in the brake lines. Low fluid makes your brake pedals feel spongy or soft, which makes braking more difficult. If you feel your brake pedals are reacting differently than normal, you hear a new sound, or you feel the new vibration in your car when braking, it may be time to take your car to a mechanic or maintenance professional.


Routine car maintenance and brake service will help limit the risk of accidents. Failure or delay in braking is a major cause of injury or death in pedestrians and bicyclists. Regularly checking the health and condition of your car will help make roads and crosswalks safer for children.

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