SCW tips to avoid swirl marks on car?

SCW tips to avoid swirl marks on car?

Swirl marks

Swirl marks are one of the worst enemies of vehicle paint and a vehicle owner’s headache. Unattended, these marks can lead to costly body repairs later on. But why spend time, money and effort on removing swirl marks when you can do something to avoid them?

Swirl Marks: 10 Ways to Avoid Them:

1. Avoid automatic car washes

To many, automatic car washes are heaven-sent. They’re fast, cheap, and convenient. But have you ever considered what those huge brushes can do to your car’s paint in the long run? They can create swirl marks and scratches that can prove difficult to remove.

2. Wash before you wax

You’ve just cleaned your car a few days ago but forgot to wax it. Can you wax it after a week? The answer is no. Paint attracts dirt, so your “newly cleaned car” is most likely contaminated with dirt and grime. These will stick to your rag, sponge or buffer and create minuscule swirls and scratches. So before you wax, make sure your ride is spotlessly clean.

3. Use a bucket with grit guard

Prefer to hand wash your car? Sure you can, but make sure you are doing the two-bucket method with grit guard inserts. The inserts serve as dirt traps to prevent sand and other contaminants from sticking back to your wash mitts. It’s relatively east to use. Dip your wash mitt into the bucket with either soap or water and wipe away!

4. Use organic products

Chemically-laden products do strip away all contaminants from any surface but can damage your car’s paint through time. Avoid this by using organic auto detailing supplies. They’re not only safe for your ride; they’re safe for you and the environment too as they don’t leave harmful residues that can affect your health or pollute the soil, surface water, and groundwater.

5. Use clean tools

Make sure that all the tools you use are clean, from your buckets to your microfibers. Stay away from sponges and chamois too. These tools have flat surfaces that only trap contaminants, not get rid of them. So it’s just like driving dirt and grime back and forth the surface, causing swirl marks that will turn to major headaches later on.

6. Use steam

As a car wash franchise that uses steam for cleaning cars, we know for a fact that steam is the best way to preserve the beauty of your vehicle’s paint. It actually minimizes the time and effort needed for car washing because it simplifies the process. It’s because steam lifts dirt away from surfaces then lets it flow with the water. So there’s no need to rub and scrub. You can simply wipe the dirt away.

7. Be careful with the buffer

So you bought a buffer to take your car care. Great! Just a word of caution – if you’re not too sure about handling one, read articles or watch videos on how to do it. Using a buffer might seem too cool – making you look like a pro detailer. But a few mistakes can lead to car swirls or worst, paint damage.

8. Choose your buffer pads well

Buffer pads come in different sizes and materials. You must be aware of what each one is made of and what it does to avoid paint damage. For example, using a wool pad (this are big and thick buffer heads that you typically find in body shops) is not recommended for today’s vehicle paint. It was originally designed for lacquer-based paint, which is no longer used for vehicles today. Using it can cause paint swirls and car scratches.

9. Rub, don’t scrub

When you’re using any tool, always remember that your vehicle’s paint is as sensitive as your skin. Rubbing your car’s paint too much can actually damage it, in the long run, so don’t. Wipe each surface gently and carefully as you would your skin. If dirt doesn’t come off this way, then probably you’re not using the right cleaning materials.

10. Claybar it!

Perhaps one of the best days in the entire detailing industry is the day when the clay bar was created. It’s the “magic eraser” that gets rid of deep-seated dirt, bugs and other contaminants from the paint without damaging it.

Of course, the best way to avoid swirl marks is to entrust your prized possession to the pros.

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