Dirty Car Can Make You Unhealthy

Dirty Car Can Make You Unhealthy

You’re late for work. The alarm didn’t go off, again and you don’t have time to stop for breakfast. You grab whatever is within arm’s reach, jump into the car, and enjoy another meal on the go. Below the surface, today’s crumbs join the crumbs of the last two weeks and a posse of germs silently cheer.

A Shiny Car is A Clean Car, Right?

It’s easy to think that a shiny car equals a clean car, but before you celebrate the next downpour to wash that grime away, you might want pay attention to what’s happening on the inside. A study released by London’s Queen Mary University found that, on average, 700 different types of bacteria live within car interiors, compared to just 60 types in a public toilet. The thought of these germs crawling around might make you feel sick, but it’s more than enough to make you actually be sick, too. Doctors have warned that up to 50% of cars could contain bugs such as E.Coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus, and conjunctivitis. Their recommendation? A trip to the car wash.

There’s More to It than Just Germs

It’s not just germs that are making you sick, with everything from dust mites to pollen lurking in the fabric of most cars. As anyone with allergies knows, dealing with dust mites is never fun and getting rid of them yourself can be practically impossible. If that’s not enough to make you look up the details of your local car wash, nothing will be.

Take it to the Speed Car Wash!

Putting down the food and keeping sanitary wipes nearby is a good first step to combatting these germs, but regular washes are the only way to guarantee they stay away. Next time you drive past the car wash, it might be worth considering that interior cleaning, in order to keep your car shiny inside and out.


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