Establish your brand and grow your Car wash business with social media platforms?

Ever since you buy your car, there is an attached service to your car which adds a shine to it. After a few times, you watched a  dirty car and want time and space to clean on their own. But In every possible situation, many of us rely on professionals to do the job. That’s the opportunity the car wash business to promote their services and where they counting their potential consumers i.e. on social media where you can stand [...]

How to improve your existing car care or service center in automobile detailing services ?

Every business need to improve its service continues in order to grow in a market. Detailing isn’t an industry that requires a four-year degree course or special certification to start up but you all need to know certain methods to be successful. One of the method is that you continuously ensures to be upgrading your services as it bring the change in the industry. Some of the methods are listed below which improve your automobile service centre.   Create Customer Database - [...]

These Car Care Tips will protect your family from various diseases

Every one loves His/Her personal vehicle, but do you really loves it. If yes then regular domestic car maintenance is important not only for the vehicle, but also for the health of your family. Regular use of an automobile allows dirt and dust can not enter the vehicle. If you ignore the dust, you run the risk to the health of the whole family it can cause breathing issues, headaches, irritation, skin infection etc.. Here are five important tips to the interior [...]

protection from corona virus

Car Care Tips to Make Your Car protected from Corona Virus.

The new coronavirus that emerged in china is spreading in several countries including INDIA so now we must take several precautions to control its spread and how will we do it? By considering proper hygiene factors so for that we take preventive measures in our daily used items like our car. One can spend at least 2-3 hours daily on a car while traveling so to keep that data in mind it’s our responsibility to take measures to dissolve [...]

Checklist for Successful Auto Detailing Business

Success in the detail business is not based on just one thing, but on a series of interrelated factors To make it simple, the following is a checklist of all the possible reasons operators are experiencing problems rather than successes:   No market information about the auto detail business.   Many operators do not take the time to obtain the necessary market information before making a decision to enter the auto detail business. Often their decision is based simply on the fact that [...]