How Profitable is a Car Wash Business in India

How Profitable is a Car Wash in India ? Well, Car Wash has always been profitable since decades. But with rising volume of car lovers and technology enhancement it has become more lucrative in last 3 years or so. It is more a Car Wash and Detailing Business now which concludes Washing, Cleaning, Beautification, Sterilizing, Coatings, rejuvenation and restoration. Car Interior Sanitation & Ozonation, AC sterilization, Engine Coatings, Paint correction & protective coatings, Headlight, Alloys and Windshield Restoration are few fast [...]

Speed Car Wash


Regular automobile service and maintenance square measure important to form positive that your automobile is within the best condition. At times, you need to be having plenty of queries in your mind to upset, however finding answers to all or any of them could be a bit tough. to assist you out, we've got listed some vital queries or issues that individuals usually grind to a halt with. So, confirm that you simply undergo them and find a decent [...]

protection from corona virus

Car Care Tips to Make Your Car protected from Corona Virus.

The new coronavirus that emerged in china is spreading in several countries including INDIA so now we must take several precautions to control its spread and how will we do it? By considering proper hygiene factors so for that we take preventive measures in our daily used items like our car. One can spend at least 2-3 hours daily on a car while traveling so to keep that data in mind it’s our responsibility to take measures to dissolve [...]

Why Use a Professional Car Wash In India

Today’s reality is that professional car washes can offer a more convenient, effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way to maintain one of your most important assets. • Take advantage of the convenience and time-savings of getting fast service at a strategically located car wash that you may pass on your daily commute or errand route. Weigh that against spending hours of your valuable time and seeking out various materials and chemicals you must purchase for a do-it-yourself job. Speed Car Wash aims to have [...]

Best Business Opportunity List Of 2019 For Entrepreneurs

The automotive industry is one of India’s most prominent and fast growing industry in India providing job opportunities to numerous youth fresh out of college. If an individual gets the opportunity of securing a job in an Automotive Franchise then he/ she is sure to acquire steady and great income, not to mention other benefits. Best Automotive Franchises Opportunities 2019 Speed Car Wash Detailing Daddy Cozicars Detailing Devil 3M Car Care   Though they are many automotive franchise opportunities in India such as car care center, car service center, automotive [...]