How Profitable is a Car Wash Business in India

How Profitable is a Car Wash Business in India

How Profitable is a Car Wash in India ?

Well, Car Wash has always been profitable since decades. But with rising volume of car lovers and technology enhancement it has become more lucrative in last 3 years or so. It is more a Car Wash and Detailing Business now which concludes Washing, Cleaning, Beautification, Sterilizing, Coatings, rejuvenation and restoration.

Car Interior Sanitation & Ozonation, AC sterilization, Engine Coatings, Paint correction & protective coatings, Headlight, Alloys and Windshield Restoration are few fast selling services at a Recognized/Branded Car Wash and Detailing Studio.

With infusion high ticket services like Ceramic Coating, Graphene coating, PPF business has become more lucrative and with greater returns.

In India Customer is evolving especially in Automobile segment, has acquired more knowledge and demands for sustainable quality products and services. See when customer changes rules of engagement has to be changed. This is how Car Wash Business is evolving and has a long way to go in India. I see a shiny bright future for this Industry in India.

But you must make sure that you associate with right brand which has broader and ever expanding vision.

If you are looking to start a Car & Bike Wash business. Time is now.

SPEED CAR WASH Automatic Car Wash | Car Wash Business | Car Wash Franchise | Car Cleaning Equipments – Have Pioneered Car Wash Business in India with more than 70 outlets.

Speed Car Wash is one of the industry leaders, with more than 100,000 vehicles washed each month throughout the country. The company offers mobile Van washing and the other set up in a specific location, which is a fairly steady and recession proof business. The franchise fee is 20 Lakh to 25 Lakh.

Benefits of Speed Car Wash Franchise:

– Established brand name and franchise business in India.

-80+ international and national studios.

-High & quick return on investment.

-Marketing assistance.

-Regular & advanced training.

-Online Management Tools.

-Technical & Backend Support.

-Exclusively researched ceramic coatings.

-World-class equipment.

-Low cost investment for business start-ups.

Our franchise partner can expect full support from our end so they can provide flawless services to the customers.

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