Tips Washing Tips From The Experts

Always wash your car in the shade to avoid the car wash shampoo solution from drying on the car before it is rinsed off. It is best to wash your car on a relatively calm day as even a slight breeze can put particles of dirt into the air, leading to streaks and water spots.Use two buckets with a Grit Guard Insert in each bucket. One for the shampoo solution and the other for clean water for your wash [...]

Automobile Shops Is Only For Male. Lets Change This Statement

Car repair is a stressful, nerve-wracking experience for anyone. As you anxiously sit in the auto shop waiting room, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What problems will the mechanic find? How much will this cost me? Can I trust that I’m getting the best price?” In the male-dominated auto repair industry, a common assumption is that women don’t know as much (or anything) about cars. Studies have shown that, because of this stereotype, women are more likely to be [...]

How to Save Money From Your Gas Budget

Don’t you hate it when you try to find ways to save on gas and the first response you get is “drive less”?  If that was an option, I wouldn’t be looking up solutions. Unfortunately, we all depend on our vehicles and we all have to drive. Which means we all have to buy gas. But how can we do all this and still save money?  You can’t make it far in search results without coming across dozens of tips [...]

5 Reasons Why You Car Should be Clean – at all Times!

Admit it or not, everyone loves their cars. And why not? After all they are the most-prized possession one has, of course, after his house. But as they say buying a car is easier than maintaining it, most of us often seem to forget the latter part. While some of you might think maintaining or caring for your vehicle only means sending it for ‘servicing’ once in a while, nearly half of car-owners skip the regular car-detailing i.e. to get their cars cleaned thoroughly – [...]

Tips For Car Cleaning Like Professional

Cleaning the car is a job many of us put off, which is very hazardous for car paint and resale value. Paying attention to detail when cleaning your car not only keeps it looking like new, but it can help prevent premature rust and extend the life of the paint job. Follow our easy guide on how to clean the car like a professional, achieving a sparkling finish and long-lasting results. Wash the car Soak the car with a hose or [...]