Franchising Your Business: It’s All About Systems

I had a seventh grade teacher who was famous among his students for driving home one passionate point, and it’s a lesson that I have never forgotten. Mr. Welsh would periodically get frustrated with our class’s performance on a test, and he would spit out each word as he glared at us and say, “You have GOT to have a …,” and here he would turn to his blackboard, write the word in four-foot-high letters, and shout, “SYSTEM!!” Mr. Welsh’s [...]

The Right Way to Get a Franchise Loan

There are many steps that need to be taken before diving into the complex task of buying a franchise, the first of which is to check your current credit score. The best place to do this is at This service is completely free and no credit card is required to sign up. Your credit score is determined by a number of factors: length of credit history, current debt, number of pending credit inquiries, etc. Typically, the higher your credit [...]

Franchise Research: Talking to Existing Franchises

In the hunt for a great franchise investment, the long-time advice has been to talk to existing franchisees. There is something intrinsically valuable about talking to business owners who have already made the plunge you’re considering. Their experience is certainly more independent and reliable than the enthusiastic banter delivered by the franchisor’s sales representative, and the information you’ll gather goes far beyond the rather clinical facts delivered in a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Franchisee Information FDD Information on Current Franchisees. Every [...]

Importance of having an exit plan before you buy a franchise….

Selling: The Ideal Exit Every business owner should plan to exit their business by selling it, and that applies to franchisees as well. This is your opportunity to capitalize on all of the goodwill and clientele you have built up within your community. Building up equity in a community doesn’t happen overnight; typically franchises take three to five years to recuperate the initial investment. Things to Be Aware of: If you close shop, you will not get your initial investment back. [...]

10 Good Habits To Keep Your Car Clean Always

Many car owners do not invest the same time, money and effort into keeping their car interior clean as they do to keep up the appearance of the exterior. What they forget is that an unclean car interior, in addition to being unsightly, is also a dangerous breeding ground for many types of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Here are 10 tips on how to keep your car clean between washes – in the interest of not only your car, [...]