Why Speed Car Wash

Entrepreneurship Encouragement

When India is teeming with glowing and enthusiastic business opportunities, car washing business can bang the Indian market. The country where innumerable cars are catching the sights of people, smart car wash can wrap up the opportunity. This venture is entirely dedicated towards spreading the awareness among car users about their car hygiene habits, cleanliness, durability of exterior look and other common cleaning tips. Although it is an unorganized sector till date, a new and organized way of car washing can create the difference. At Speed Car Wash, plethora of research on the car care and maintenance was done and this entire concept was summed up.

The aim is to deliver best of services and bring in new concept to the car market. Like other countries like US, Italy, Germany and UK where professional car wash has a very significant role to play, India is also not far flung in the race.

An emerging economy, a growing industry

Indian economy is emerging economy where spending power of each individual is getting increased day by day. It has also been, more or less, able to withstand tremors of global financial meltdown. Automobile industry in India has come a long way. Today, the Indian auto industry is the ninth largest in the world, its annual production of approximately 2 million units. Work force of auto industry of India is relatively well trained. All these factors indicate that there would be a great future for Indian automobile industry in days to come.

New concept which drive people to enter into this business

Today mechanized car cleaning system is already a $5.97 billion business in US with more than 14,414 Successful Outlets and In India it is just at the threshold of picking up. Indian car owners today are not having many options for car cleaning and detailing and they are still bound to take their car to road side garage for cleaning services. They wanted to spend more on the car but finding a right service station which can give them the 100% satisfaction is a problem. Speed Car Wash can brid

Increasing number of cars on Indian roads (Limitless market)

Car ownership is a symbol of economic progress and is very high on a consumer's wish list of products. India is blessed with middle class, which is getting economically stronger with passing day. This class is being touted as potential customers for Indian auto industry in a time to come. The result- Indian car market is growing at a pace of more than 10% which is much higher than global market trend; hence the car population is increasing heavily. With 32 million cars on the Indian roads today is massive, under serviced and inexhaustible.

Lack of dominant national chain

The car washing business has a handful of competitive advantages. It lacks a dominant national chain. There is a severe need for professional car cleaning organization which can really provide an ultimate car cleaning experience. So demand for a professional and reliable cleaning brand is higher than ever and only going to increase further.


High in demand. Market is big!!

More and more people are becoming time poor. They work long hours, they travel longer distances and their leisure time becomes more and more precious. This has brought about the extraordinary growth in the service industry. People are willing to rely on professionals to do many of their tasks. They can no longer squeeze into their busy schedule. They want to take care of their car, but finding the time to clean is the problem. That's where the need arises for a professional company to take over and give them the finest and the fastest car cleaning experience and satisfaction.