Sales Fusion


Sales Fusion - A Franchise Sale Booster and Business Accelerator Program

We Bridge the Marketing and sales divide

While you may know your target customers, its about a dedicated engine that create an interest and moves them into the prospects list. That's where the Salesfusion - The Launchpad program play its role . Focused on bridging the great divide between marketing efforts and sales conversions, the lead generation and digital marketing program revolves around creating targeted customer touch points and generating interest through dedicated campaigns 

Lead + Prospe Sales (Franchise)

  • With our Digital campagin efforts we generate lead and through content marketing nuture them in to a prospects one then the baton over to you from there its your responsibility to prompt them to do the action.
  • By the time a prospect reaches  the bottom of the funnel,  they are about ready to buy or take services. Often times, they just need a gentle nudge  to get them to take action. 
  • To help speed  up the closing of the sale, you could throw in some offers like free trials, discounts, gifts, exclusive offers  and content. The work doesn't stop once the first service   has been  made.  Now you need to work on retaining the customer

Maximise business in your inbox per month with good quality of leads     

Its Prospects That Counts

  • Salesfusion- The Launchpad is sales boosters and Business Accelerator program with sole aim to give you qualified lead so that its conversion add up to your top line and add that customer in your CRM.
  • Program channelize customer via Digital Marketing to be a consistent flow of revenue via loyalty and reward program and Digital Marketing boost your presence in the vicinity, enhance visibility of your studio and generate organic sales in future.  A great program,  boost your sales and a perfect Launchpad for those who just started

How Sales Fusion - The Launchpad Helps you in customer acquisition

  • Our Team of professionals via Digital Campaign generate leads for you, this campaign exclusively run for your city and location.

  • Salesfusion - The Launchpad team via various content marketing activities ensure those leads qualify as prospects,also  via  content  marketing  give gentle   nudge to your prospects to get them to take action

How Sales Fusion Program Team Convert leads into Prospects

Here are hte essential steps that we will take and be the first the answer and maximize conversion of inbound sales leads into prospects fro you.

Follow up On 100% of Inbound sales Leads

What this means  is that every sales lead needs to be followed  up. We  make sure that all inbound sales leads are entered into our CRM system as soon  as they are received and that each one is assigned to a salesperson for immediate follow  up. We  use our CRM system on a daily basis to check and make sure that

Follow up on all leads in less than 60 minutes

Our diligent team will  do the follow  up in less than 60 minutes. Research  cited  in the  Harvard Business Review states that out of 7 6 times you are more likely to qualify a  lead  if   follow-up occurs  in less than an hour from the time the  lead  is received. Think how many more prospects will  move into your pipeline  if we  respond to 100% of your leads in an hour or less.