International Franchise

The Speed Car Wash Master Franchisee Business Model Out-side India:

The Master Franchisee is devoted to develop the Speed Car Wash business by operating owned units, selling and supporting unit franchises (regional franchises when applicable), negotiating agreements with property owners, and achieving business development goals.

There is only one Master Franchise per country - with exclusive territorial rights - that acts as the local chapter of Speed Car Wash International.

The Master Franchisee will assemble an appropriate and dedicated work force to assist him developing the total market potential of his country.

The Master Franchise license has an entry fee (that is in accordance with the potential of each country) and a monthly royalty that is a percentage of his business.

The Master Franchisee receives from Speed Car Wash International a total support package of:-

  1. Know-how transference (manuals, videos, etc.)
  2. initial and updating training, trademarks and patents license of use
  3. Equipment and materials supply
  4. Marketing best practices
  5. And the ongoing advice of our team of experts from Speed Car Wash International.