Hand Holding

An Exclusive Program through which our team put their effort to ensure success for your Business during the first three month after your Studio opening 

Sales Support - New beginning Endless Possibilities

B2B Collaboration

Our Business Manager  will helps  you to collaborate  and form local association with Auto Dealers , Car Vendors , Auto Equipments Dealers, Petrol Pumps, Corporate Collaboration etc. Our Business manager with you or your Sales Representative  visits  them and  take them on board so that you will get regular business from them.

Driving Customer Engagement

Our Business manager develop Canopy activity plan and through your Sales  Team and freelancer ( paid by you ) execute it and in  coming months also manage the same . This helps you to Engaging potential customers offline and enlightening them with the quality of  service you provide, you can then point them to your  Stuio or outlet, which help you to create a long lasting relationship with customers

Local Media Association

Our Business Manager Engage local Media for you and  Manage relationship with them on your behalf , it helps you to get local PR and best  advertisment rate support from them . With the help of some paid campaign  early  he helps you to establish your Media presence locally.

How Handholding Manager Helps you

  • Our Business manager – Handholding give Sales Training to Store team. Helps them to gain Selling skills and Up-selling skills
  • Our Business Manager – Handholding helps you to how to better manage the inventory &  adhering to standard service practices
  • Our Business Manager- Handholding helps you and Support you in designing Sales campaigns ( Like GV & GC)
  • BM guide you how to effectively execute a  Client relationship Management Strategy and how  to increase the repeat  customer base by following various sales and CRM practices
  • Business manager do the Studio/outlet Profitability analysis on Monthly basis submit report to you about how to improve the profitability and how to efficiently manage the Studio.
  • Manage Sales Fusion with you. Share Leads , do some conference calls with Customer, feedback and review for you.



Why You take Handholding Package


A meaningful program that helps you to kick start your sales. A business need vertain time to get traction in the market closing first deal is difficult thriough this program not only you get quality lead also get professional acumen to close the deal.


The association you build with the help of our Business Manger- Handholding gives you sustainable stream of revenue . Sustainability helps you to built your business in a better way as association gives you assured business per month 

Helps you to Establish yourself

Handholding is important when you start your business , since it’s a  Royalty free Model we charge for the services but you get high level of professional expertise of a pro team via this package . To execute Sales fusion activities  you are supported by manpower having   5 Different expertise like in web design digital , crm  and  Motion Graphics and Our Business Manger  who help you in handholding is having professional expertise  in sales and Marketing . Also through this Liv India marketing team helps you to promote better

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