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protection from corona virus

Car Care Tips to Make Your Car protected from Corona Virus.

The new coronavirus that emerged in china is spreading in several countries including INDIA so now we must take several precautions to control its spread and how will we do it? By considering proper hygiene factors so for that we take preventive measures in our daily used items like our car. One can spend at least 2-3 hours daily on a car while traveling so to keep that data in mind it’s our responsibility to take measures to dissolve [...]

Tips For Car Cleaning Like Professional

Cleaning the car is a job many of us put off, which is very hazardous for car paint and resale value. Paying attention to detail when cleaning your car not only keeps it looking like new, but it can help prevent premature rust and extend the life of the paint job. Follow our easy guide on how to clean the car like a professional, achieving a sparkling finish and long-lasting results. Wash the car Soak the car with a hose or [...]

Tips For Vacuum Your Car Before Summer

Let us start by saying – There’s no wrong way to vacuum a car! Just the smallest amount of effort in sweeping out your vehicle will make a difference, and you’ll feel better immediately. However, if you want to get your car as clean as possible and do the best job, follow these ten simple steps. 1. Get all the large pieces of trash out of your car. Throw away as much as you can – bottles, cups, wrappers, etc. It’ll be [...]

Why Use a Professional Car Wash In India

Today’s reality is that professional car washes can offer a more convenient, effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way to maintain one of your most important assets. • Take advantage of the convenience and time-savings of getting fast service at a strategically located car wash that you may pass on your daily commute or errand route. Weigh that against spending hours of your valuable time and seeking out various materials and chemicals you must purchase for a do-it-yourself job. Speed Car Wash aims to have [...]

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Winterizing should begin long before customers roll up to the door. As the temps cool down, car wash owners should prepare for the influx of customers that are sure to roll in as the weather turns. Here are some quick and easy tips to help ensure your car wash system doesn’t freeze up and freeze you out in winters. Easy Entry Doors should open and close smoothly and at the right times. Invest in a door system that can withstand [...]