Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Winterizing should begin long before customers roll up to the door. As the temps cool down, car wash owners should prepare for the influx of customers that are sure to roll in as the weather turns. Here are some quick and easy tips to help ensure your car wash system doesn’t freeze up and freeze you out in winters.

Easy Entry Doors should open and close smoothly and at the right times. Invest in a door system that can withstand a colder climate. Check your door systems to make sure they are in good working order. Inspect weather stripping, hinges and cables to make sure they can take the strain of opening and closing in cold weather.

Chemical Attraction Choose products with added antifreeze for the cold weather. The right balance of cleaning chemicals can mean the best clean at the right cost.

Don’t get your wires crossed Systems deteriorate over time. Examine your wiring and other system components for loose connections or signs of wear. Ensure all motors are in good working order. Make sure your weep systems are working properly. They are critical to preventing damage to your plumbing and wash system in the colder months. Take the time to ensure everything is functioning well and that it’s timed correctly. Check nozzles for debris, and ensure your air and water pressure are set to recommended levels and the conveyor chain is running tightly.

Testing, testing Once maintenance is complete, perform a test run and make adjustments when needed. Stay on top of things by creating a year-round maintenance program, and make sure to invest in equipment that will allow your wash system to remove harmful agents on a car’s exterior and undercarriage. Want to know more about our systems? Contact us today.

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