Big Question Is A Transmission Fluid Change Really Necessary?

Big Question Is A Transmission Fluid Change Really Necessary?

If you’ve noticed any irregularities while driving, such as rough handling or irregular noises, they could be signs that your vehicle is in need of a transmission repair. You don’t want to ignore signs of problems because waiting till they become major could cost you in hefty repairs or replacement, up to thousands of dollars. If you’re unsure about needing transmission repair, there are a few major signs that are indicators that it’s time.

Key Signs Of Transmission Problems:

If your car won’t shift gears, or it seems to have difficulty moving forward or backwards while in gear, it’s most likely a transmission going bad that needs attention. It could involve a leaking line, which fortunately can be easily repaired by a mechanic. If you smell a strange odor stronger than burning motor oil, or notice any strange fluids leaking down under your vehicle, these are signs of possible transmission problems. If the “check engine” light comes on and does not go off, a bad transmission could cause that and should be checked out as soon as possible.

Could A Transmission Fluid Change Prevent Transmission Problems?

There are times when it may be wise to have a transmission fluid change as the fluid can get old and cause some wear and tear on the transmission. When to have a transmission fluid change is a topic debated on by different mechanics and auto makers, but it’s advisable that if you do a lot of driving on city streets, or where traffic must start and stop a lot, you may have to have it changed out about 50,000 miles or so, though it’s not usually done that often.

But if you’re noticing more severe problems as described above, it will likely take a complete transmission repair to address them. Make sure to have a transmission repair technician take care of your vehicle to make sure you are driving as safe as possible.

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