Why Solitaire Ceramic Coating On This Diwali

Why Solitaire Ceramic Coating On This Diwali

The 9H hardness is now one of the most talked terms in car care not just in India but across the world. But in some matured markets, sellers stopped mentioning the hardness of their ceramic coating because people are more educated, it may sound funny but it’s the truth.

Solitaire ceramic coating protects car paints from fire, So on this Diwali protect,

you can protect your car paint from firecrackers.

But the fact is that almost all the ceramic coatings are fireproof!

Please don’t fall into the trap of these fire tests, x layers (15 layers and counting 😉 ), nH hardness (>10 H) stories and hypes.

To get the best of the ceramic coating, you need three things right:

Good Product – make sure that you get some reasonable quality product

Good Application – your detailer should be doing the process such as Cleaning & Decontamination, Correction and then Protection religiously

Good Maintenance – ask your detailer on the maintenance routines, it’s very important

Note: We never suggest/recommend our detailers to show “Fire test” as it’s dangerous and you are playing with fire

Speed car wash is India’s first and largest premium car care brand, we introduced

Speedcarwash wishes all of our customers a Happy Diwali.

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