Car Care Tips From Palampur

Car Care Tips From Palampur

Car Care Tips By Palampur Outlet  – Parts to Check

Most important parts of cars which need special attention during rains include:

  • Tyres
  • Wipers And Washer
  • Brakes
  • Body
  • Electricals
  • Interiors




Making sure that the tyres are in excellent condition. The tread depth should be good enough or else they are likely to skid over slippery surfaces due to aquaplaning. Do check the tyre tread depth. Do check the tyre inflation regularly as tyres tend to lose air pressure quite a bit during the rainy season. This regular check will not only ensure better driving comfort but good tyre life as well.

Wipers And Washer

Wiper blades have a tendency to wear out quite fast. Do get the wiper blades checked/changed before the monsoons begin. Also, do check the wipers for proper functioning at all speeds. Keep the wiper washer bottle topped up and if you want you can add a mild detergent to keep the windshield glass clean.


Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of a car. You should regularly clean and replace if needed, the brake pads. Do get the brake fluid levels checked. Brakes lines should be checked too to ensure there is no air/water ingress. Ensure there is adequate brake pedal play for optimum brake operation.


Do not let water, rainwater included, sit on your car. It will adversely affect your car’s paint. While that will be difficult when driving in rainy conditions, using solitaire car coats will help form a thin, protective layer on your car’s paint. The solitaire coating will not only protect the paint but will also allow water to roll off easily. Greasing all the door hinges is also necessary. Use anti-corrosion spray on exposed metal areas. Get the rubber lining on doors checked/replaced before monsoons arrive. Contact palampur outlet now

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