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As a SCW Service, we pledge to provide high quality automotive maintenance services at a fair price using only the best available parts and labor for the job. We will never substitute a generic oil or other product for a name brand product unless requested or authorized by the customer. We will never offer to install a product that does not meet or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements. During each visit, we will advise our customers of their manufacturers scheduled preventative maintenance recommendations based on time or mileage or as otherwise needed. At no time will we try to “up sell” unnecessary services or use scare tactics as a sales tool.

We will provide cost and time estimates where appropriate and use all practical means to stay within those guidelines. It is our goal to be a trusted advisor to our customers in order to help them maintain the safe operation and economic value of their vehicles.

Quality Workmanship and Customer Satisfaction

As Speed Car Wash , our commitment is to provide the highest possible standard of excellence to the point that our customers will go out of their way to return for future service. We seek to create long term relationships with our customers who will loyally recommend us to their friends, family members and acquaintances.


Auto technicians say the key to keeping vehicles running well today and down the road is routine maintenance. Yet many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some  everyday auto-basics. A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:

  • 38 percent of cars had low or dirty engine oil.
  • 54 percent had low tire pressure.
  • 28 percent had inadequate cooling protection.
  • 19 percent needed new belts.
  • 16 percent had dirty air filters.
  • 10 percent had low or contaminated brake fluid.

SSP’s Full Signature is a must for your vehicle's regular maintenance. It's not just an oil change. It's a preventative maintenance program designed to maintain the safety and extend the life of your vehicle. SSP’s 20 Point Signature service includes: 

  • Engine Oil change. 
  • Replacement of oil filter. 
  • Check Break, Gear Oil and Replace if required. 
  • Check air filter and Replace if required.
  • Check Coolent and Replace if required.
  • Spark Plugs Cleaning and replacement if applicable.
  • Check and fill anti-freeze/radiator fluid.
  • Degrease the Engine
  • Break Shoe Cleaning.
  • Visual battery check and Battery water top up.
  • Check all belts 
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check and fill windshield washer fluid 
  • Check A/C or cabin air filter.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Wheel Alignment.
  • Wheel Balance and rotation if required.
  • • Nitrogen Inflation.
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Research indicates that the average car is driven about 12,000 K.mtrs. per year. A car with toe alignment just 0.34 degrees (just 0.17 inches) out of specifications has dragged its tires sideways for over 68 K.mtrs. by the end of the year! Symptoms of a car that's out of alignment:

  • Excessive or uneven tire wear 
  • Steering wheel pulls to the left or right 
  • Feeling of looseness or wandering 
  • Steering wheel vibration or shimmy 
  • Steering wheel is not centered when car is moving straight ahead 

Benefits of a car that's properly aligned: 

Reduced Tire Wear Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear. Over the years, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tire life. Better Fuel Mileage Gas mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases. Total alignment sets all four wheels parallel which, along with proper inflation, minimizes rolling resistance. Improved Handling Does your car pull to one side, does the steering wheel vibrate, do you constantly have to move the steering wheel to keep your car traveling straight ahead? Many handling problems can be corrected by total alignment. With all the system components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride. 

Safer Driving

A suspension system inspection is part of our alignment procedure. This allows us to spot worn parts before they cause costly problems.

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Tire rotation and balance helps protect tires against uneven wear by moving the tire location on the vehicle. Most tires will exhibit some form of wear based on numerous factors including: wheel alignment, miles driven, driving style and habits, and tire location on the vehicle. By moving or "rotating" the tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, tires may wear more evenly; helping extend the life of the tires. 

SSP Tire Rotation and Balance service includes: 

  • Check tire pressure and inflate/deflate to recommended PSI 
  • Inspect tires to identify visible damage or abnormal wear patterns
  • Rotate tires according to pattern recommended by manufacturer
  • Installing lug nuts/bolts to the proper torque specifications 
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In order to meet Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy regulations, today's vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems. Your vehicle’s onboard computer receives information from a network of sensors and switches that convert engine operating conditions into electrical signals. Based on the information and instructions stored in the computer program, commands are then sent to three primary systems:

  • Ignition System 
  • Fuel System
  • Emission Control System

and can ultimately illuminate a “check engine” light. About 85% of vehicles on the road have either a check engine light on or some other safety issue such as a broken license-plate light, loose gas cap, a worn spark plug, poor emissions, low transmission fluid or cracked hoses and belts, according to the Car Care Council, a nonprofit consumer-education organization. The first step to determine the problem behind an engine light is hooking up a scan tool or code reader to an On-Board Diagnostics connector that usually sticks out from under the driver's side of the dashboard. 

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Speed Service Point (SSP) uses the state of the art equipment and have been trained to properly convert your air-filled tires to High-Purity Nitrogen filled tires.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY...High-Purity nitrogen tire inflation has been used for many years by industry professionals. They use nitrogen in tires primarily for increased safety, better pressure retention and increased pressure stability. While High-Purity nitrogen tire inflation does not relieve the motorist from checking their tire pressure regularly, nitrogen in tires will on average maintain a safe level of tire pressure for a much longer period of time. In addition, nitrogen in tires will reduce tire aging, wheel oxidation and reduce pressure swings caused by moisture found in regular compressed air.

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