Should I Use Solitaire Ceramic Coat On My Car?

Should I Use Solitaire Ceramic Coat On My Car?

This is one of the questions we get often from people that buy new or “new to them” vehicles. The quick answer is, it depends Upon You. If you are the type of vehicle owner that wants your paint as shiny and perfect as possible, then my answer is yes.

Solitaire Ceramic Coat

A Solitaire Ceramic Coating provides much better protection than any wax or sealant while keeping your car cleaner longer and enhancing gloss. Ceramic coatings work so well for several reasons. Sealants and waxes sit on top of the paint and behave as a sacrificial layer that breaks down very quickly, and offers no additional strength to the paint. Solitaire Ceramic coatings are different, as they are microscopic silica molecules. These molecular bodies work their way into the pores of the clear coat and permanently cross-link with the paint. This infuses the ceramic into the paint, greatly increasing hydrophobic(water contact angle), the slickness(surface tension), and greatly improves resistance to chemical etching.

This coating is exactly what you want with any protection for your paint. The best part about this coating is the last 1-7 years and how well you maintain the vehicle. So to recap a solitaire ceramic coating is extremely beneficial to your paint’s protection, gloss, and longevity.

Solitaire Ceramic Coating (MB+)

It is important to be realistic about what your expectations are and how you care for your vehicle to make the decision as to whether or not you should coat your new car. Coatings are not some impenetrable barrier that will prevent scratches on your paint, and they will not keep your car perfectly clean all the time. They still require you to properly care for and maintain your vehicle, which many people may not have time for.

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