Tips For Vacuum Your Car Before Summer

Let us start by saying – There’s no wrong way to vacuum a car! Just the smallest amount of effort in sweeping out your vehicle will make a difference, and you’ll feel better immediately. However, if you want to get your car as clean as possible and do the best job, follow these ten simple steps. 1. Get all the large pieces of trash out of your car. Throw away as much as you can – bottles, cups, wrappers, etc. It’ll be [...]

स्पीड कार वॉश की बढ़ती लोकप्रियता ही हमारी सफलता: जसमीत सिंह

नई दिल्ली, 12 अक्टूबर 2018। स्पीड कार वॉश ने बीते 8 साल में कार वॉश कारोबार की दुनिया ही बदल दी है। इसने वॉशिंग से लेकर सैनिटाइजिंग तक, और अब कार के एक्सटीरियर और इंटीरियर तक को पहले जैसा बना देने की क्षमता इजाद की है। यही खासियत कार ओनर के बीच स्पीड कार वॉश की बढ़ती लोकप्रियता का प्रमुख कारण है। कार केयर इंडस्ट्री के केन्द्र में है स्पीड कार वॉश स्पीड कार वॉश के गिर्द ही कार केयर इंडस्ट्री [...]

SCW Strategy to Increase Their Franchise Awareness

It is important to have a franchise strategy. Car wash brand is your identity and it is something that your customers will associate with their experiences. Once you have your brand and your identity, you need to increase your car wash brand awareness. While there are many ways to increase your brand awareness, but here are our best 4 ideas to increase your car wash brand awareness. 1. Use Social Media It isn’t enough to just have a Facebook page. Shake [...]

Clean Automotive Glass Without Scratching It.

When detailing a car, there’s one aspect that often gets overlooked: the glass. And while the glass in your home windows might look the same as the clear stuff in your car, that’s where the similarities end. Commercial glass differs from application to application, and there are even different materials in use in cars’ windshields and side windows. Cleaning automotive glass without damaging it requires the right materials and techniques. Overlook either of these two things, and you’re likely to [...]

Car Wash At Your Doorstep

Now Car Wash Parlor at Your Doorstep As per Global research data, 68% of car owners never visit washing outlets in their entire lifetime. So, stationed units manage to tap only 32% of car owners and are still successful. Imagine, how things will work in doorstep model. It will have a better reach to a large segment of car owners thus, creating a favorable environment eventually increasing the customer base for both stationed and doorstep. Out of those 32% car owners visit [...]