Tips For Vacuum Your Car Before Summer

Tips For Vacuum Your Car Before Summer

Let us start by saying –

There’s no wrong way to vacuum a car! Just the smallest amount of effort in sweeping out your vehicle will make a difference, and you’ll feel better immediately. However, if you want to get your car as clean as possible and do the best job, follow these ten simple steps.

1. Get all the large pieces of trash out of your car. Throw away as much as you can – bottles, cups, wrappers, etc. It’ll be easier to vacuum with these items out of the way.

2. Now find a good vacuum. Use a vacuum that has high power and an attachment small enough to reach the nooks of your car, but wide enough to capture leaves and larger particles. (Some lost french fries, in our case.

3. Take out your car mats. Okay, we know it’s a pain, but it’s worth it! Shake the mats out to loosen most of the dirt, then quickly run over them with a vacuum.

*TIP: To thoroughly wash your car mats, run them through an automatic cleaner! It’s quick, easy and very effective! For a homemade solution, you can also sprinkle baking soda or carpet freshener over your mats, then vacuum it up. This will get rid of any odours and make your car smell nice.

4. Vacuum the floors of your car, with the mats still out. This ensures you don’t miss a thing, and it’ll keep your car clean for longer.

5. Check the carpet for stains or spills. If you find them, grab some carpet cleaner and follow the directions to remove the stains.

6. Slide your front seats all the way back, and vacuum in front of them.

7. Now, slide your front seats all the way forward, and vacuum behind them. (Makes a huge difference, doesn’t it?)

8. Vacuum your dash and under your back window. If you think about it, a whole lot of dust and dirt can collect in those places.

9. Vacuum your seats. Be sure to cover their entire surface area – front, back, side, bottom.

10. Don’t forget the trunk!

Pop the hatch and clear the space, then vacuum the carpet.

When you’re finished, there will be a noticeable difference throughout your entire vehicle. It’ll be spotless after just a little bit of time and energy!

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