SCW Expert Tips to Remove Oil Stains from Car Seats

SCW Expert Tips to Remove Oil Stains from Car Seats

Ever wipe your fingers accidentally on a car seat after having a greasy burger or a slice of pizza? Oils stains get soaked into upholstery very quickly, making them one of the toughest stains to get rid of. But if you act fast and follow these guidelines on how to remove oil stains from car seats, those seats can be salvaged!

How to remove oil stains from car seats – 5 steps

Step 1 – Scrape off grease and blot the oil stain
The first step is to get rid of oil and grease as much as possible. Take a plastic scraper and scrape off excess grease, but be very gentle since you could end up damaging the material. Next, take a towel or blotting paper and gently dab the stain to soak up excess oil. You can also sprinkle a little baking soda on to the stain and leave it for about 15 minutes. Baking soda will absorb oil from the stain too.

Step 2 – Use hot water to rinse the stain
Rinse the stain gently using hot water. You could also use cold water but hot water works better on oil stains. For best results, use a steam cleaner. Steam will cut through grease and oil really fast and effectively because of its high temperature. With the right attachment, you can easily handle a steam cleaner and treat only the affected area, while rinsing could only get water all over the seats. If not dried quickly and properly, this can cause water stains. So exercise caution!

Step 3 – Clean the stain using a cleaning solution
You can use an all-purpose upholstery cleaner or mix up some dish soap with water for this purpose. The second solution will attack the stain more aggressively, but the seats should be fine as long as the soap or the detergent you use does not contain ammonia.

Dab the cleaning solution onto the stain with a sponge and let it sit for about 5 – 10 minutes to give it enough time to activate. Gently work the solution into the stain using a soft bristled brush.

Step 4 – Rinse the stain and if it is still visible, repeat step 3
Rinse the stain again with hot water or steam. You can repeat step 3 if necessary followed by rinsing if the stain is still visible.

Step 5 – Dry the area thoroughly
Dry the rinsed stain with a hair dryer thoroughly to prevent water spots from forming on the upholstery.

By following this 5-step guide on how to remove oil stains from car seats, you can easily get rid of them. However, it will only be effective if you treat the affected area very quickly – if possible, the same day. If you have any old stains that are not responding to this treatment, then take your car to a professional auto detailing service and they will work their magic on your car seats.

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