5 Significant elements For Engine Repairing

5 Significant elements For Engine Repairing

5 Vital Steps For Maintenance of engines.

Regular engine repair is the ideal way to help prevent the need of having to undergo a costly engine rebuild. In order for an engine to move you down the road using the proper force, it relies on a collection of parts and complex systems all functioning properly and working in a synchronized fashion.


Pistons are part of the five critical components of an engine that need attention during an engine service. There are typically four, six, or eight pistons composed of an aluminum alloy that floats inside the cylinders without making contact. Given time, the piston rings will fail or become worn which can lead to oil leaking into the engine or combustion chambers. If the rings are not replaced, it can certainly lead to needing an engine rebuild. In addition, if the pistons break, the pieces will fall into the crankshaft and absolutely require an engine rebuild.

* Crankshaft

The crankshaft is another common part that will need attention during an engine service. It is connected to the pistons by a connecting rod. Should the crankshaft become damaged, it will cost more to replace it than it would to rebuild an entire engine.

* Bearings

When a piston moves inside the cylinder, it rotates the crankshaft converting the straight line motion to rotary motion. Worn bearings are a common culprit that leads to crankshaft repair. Although maintaining regular oil changes, using high quality oil, and keeping the proper oil level should prolong the life of the crankshaft.

* Rods

The rods can also cause their own issues if the bearings within them do not get enough oil. The bearings will fail or become overheated. If these events occur, a simple engine repair will not always be possible and a rebuild would be more sufficient.

* Cylinders

Any of the events mentioned above could cause the pistons to make contact with the cylinder, causing them to score or mark the cylinder. While many times a scored cylinder can be repaired by welding, boring and honing, there may come come a time when it just isn’t enough. This is especially true if the cylinder is significantly cracked or damaged.

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