Checklist for Successful Auto Detailing Business

Checklist for Successful Auto Detailing Business

Success in the detail business is not based on just one thing, but on a series of interrelated factors

To make it simple, the following is a checklist of all the possible reasons operators are experiencing problems rather than successes:


  • No market information about the auto detail business.


Many operators do not take the time to obtain the necessary market information before making a decision to enter the auto detail business. Often their decision is based simply on the fact that “everyone seems to be doing it” or “the motorists want it, so I’ll do it”.

On the customer side, what is he asking for? Detailing? Waxing? Shampooing? Most often the operator doesn’t know what the customer wants because the customer himself does not know.

Industry statistics indicate that more than 80% of the motoring public does not know what auto detailing is. And that more than 90% have never purchased this service. So how can they really articulate what it is they want?

 While this subject could be further expanded upon, it should suffice for purposes of this article to indicate that many operators have made a decision to enter the detail business without sufficient knowledge about the market. They should take care about it.



  • Difference between wholesale auto detailing and retail auto detailing.


Too many operators have entered the auto detail business without awareness that there is a difference between wholesale and retail auto detailing and exactly what the difference is. Or, if the difference is really important.

Yes, there is a difference. A night and day difference between these forms of detailing.

Wholesale detailing as it has been for several years is that form of detailing done by a private contractor for an auto dealer. The dealer, in most cases, does not care where the work is done, who the employees are or what they look like. As a result, detailing of this type is done most of the time in garages, warehouses, lean-tos, or any other low rent place that would facilitate 2 or 3 cars. In summary, the wholesale business while requiring a clean car, does not emphasize the “sizzle” that goes along with the clean car, that is, the look of professionalism, competence, and capability. The retail business does!



  • No Website & how to get business (No online presence)


Sometimes what happens is some people open the franchise or start their own business without an online presence. Did you know that 87% of customers expect businesses to be active on the Internet? This even includes car washes! Online marketing for Car Wash Business is a smarter way to gain lots of customers for your car wash business. Digital Marketing can show you where your potential audience is and can promote environmentally friendly activities. If you want to know about Digital Marketing strategies then us. Speed car wash has inhouse IT team. 



  • how to improve website


Sometimes you have a website and don’t get a customer. That’s because of a lack of SEO. Most of the business owners use Shopify, Wix and sometimes made their own website for trying to increase their sales. but they never succeed because It requires proper techniques to take your SEO next level. With SEO You should take care of google ads, Backlinks ,Content & many other factors 



  • Use yesterday’s technology


The typical detail technology used by most shops, wholesale and retail alike, is simple: squeeze and spray bottles; sponges; a portable shop vacuum; brushes; towels or rags; buckets; a couple of electric buffers; a hose; and maybe a pressure washer.

If an effort is made to organize this into any system, it is futile at best since there is not enough equipment to create a truly organized shop.

A professional detail centre on the other hand is operated on the principal of “a place for everything and everything in its place.” The typical shop operates more on the principle of “it’s wherever you can find it.”

Incorrect merchandising

Whether you operate with modern technology or yesterday’s technology, if the merchandising is not correct there will be no financial success. Of course, choosing the correct merchandising plan relates back to having proper marketing information. Without the information, how can you decide what to sell and at what price? Many operators simply do what the other guy does. Why?  Who says he is correct? Maybe he is priced too high. Or too low. Maybe price has nothing to do with it. Possibly the customer doesn’t understand the services. To determine the proper merchandising approach for a given area requires a look at the demographics of the area, evaluation of what other successful shops are doing, and interviews with friends, customers, etc. To develop a service and price menu without this information will lead to failure.

Speed car wash offers consulting and training, so if you are interested, reach out to us and we’ll follow up.

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