Car Wash At Your Doorstep

Car Wash At Your Doorstep

Now Car Wash Parlor at Your Doorstep

As per Global research data, 68% of car owners never visit washing outlets in their entire lifetime. So, stationed units manage to tap only 32% of car owners and are still successful. Imagine, how things will work in doorstep model. It will have a better reach to a large segment of car owners thus, creating a favorable environment eventually increasing the customer base for both stationed and doorstep.

Out of those 32% car owners visit washing outlets less than 3 times a year because of following reasons:

  1. Lack of Time
  2. Lack of willingness to drive the car towards the outlet.
  3. Traffic woes.
  4. People are already busy and not able to give enough time to family, so choicely is obvious.
  5. Female drivers have a glitch visiting stationed car wash in India especially.
  6. Multiple car owners.

All services being performed at Stationed units can now be delivered at Customers Doorstep with same guidelines and technology.

  • Great Booster for existing business.
  • Do not wait for customers to visit an outlet, take bookings and deliver doorstep at his comfort.
  • No Infrastructure setup required.
  • No monthly rentals.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Less manpower required.
  • Less Investment/Quick ROI

Car wash at your door step

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