Car Care Tips For Car Paint By Speed Car Wash

Car Care Tips For Car Paint By Speed Car Wash

Keeping your car shiny and spotless might seem like the pastime of the obsessive or those who are still in their first giddy few months of new car ownership. Nevertheless, putting some effort into looking after your car’s paint job will pay dividends down the road when the time comes to sell.

Not only will a well-maintained paint job play its role in car rust prevention, but it will also attract more buyers, and in turn, will be able to command a higher resale value. Spending top rupee for a top-down mechanical refurbishment would count for nothing if buyers are turned away by its old and weathered appearance in the first place. And when it comes to the business of buying and selling, first impressions always count for a lot.

Washing is one of the single most important steps in maintaining your car’s paint.

“If a car’s paint is exposed to the sun, or rained upon often, it is recommended to wash and wax the car more often to protect it from the harsh conditions here in India.

On the other hand, if you plan on parking your car for long periods of time, it is best to place it under shade, preferably beneath a structure like a carport, garage, or an underground car park. Though trees might provide plenty of shade, they also play host to insects that will drop sticky residue, and worse of all, serve as a perch for birds who will inevitably leave their droppings on your pride and joy.

Not only are bird droppings unsightly and unhygienic, but it is also highly acidic. Under intense sunlight, which can soften the paint’s clear coat, the droppings’ acidic composition can dissolve the paint, permanently damaging it if left unattended for too long.

Bowden says that washing is one of the single most important steps in maintaining your car’s paint, as it keeps dirt, droppings, or foreign residue from settling down and bonding to the paint.

“Don’t leave dirt and grime on the paint surface for too long as it will start to bond with the paint over time. This will leave the paint finish with a rough feeling, which will require plenty of work with a clay bar.

Car Wash Tips to Care for the Paint

The use of cheap convenience store sponges. “A sponge can easily entomb and build up dirt in its pores. These dirt build-ups can leave behind swirl marks and tiny scratches on the paint surface as it is being carried along, microfibre is the material you want to use on your car’s paint as it picks up the dirt, but doesn’t trap it and can be easily washed off.”

Dishwashing detergent contains a higher concentration of salt and strong chemicals that are harmful to the paint, rubbers, and plastic trim in the long term.

The best car wash products are those with formulations that are pH balanced to be gentle on the paint, don’t contain strong chemicals, with a layer of lubrication and good soapsuds to keep grime suspended and away from scratching the paint. Speedcarwash uses this material.

When asked how often should you wash your car, and can you wash your car too much with any risk of damaging it? Speedcarwash assures that as long as the proper preparations are taken beforehand and the correct steps are followed, there really shouldn’t be any risk of damaging the paint from multiple washes.

How to remove scratches from the car?

Spotting a scratch on the car isn’t the end of the road. Depending on the severity of the scratch, if it isn’t too wide or too deep, you can remove, or make that light scratch or car park ding look less obvious, with a simple hand polish or scratch remover.

For most cases, the scratches are best polished out with a machine, something any good professional detailer will be able to do for you.  But when a scratch goes through the base coat it is all over and you have to respray it.

Paint cleansing

Car care is all about good preparation. Being a safe non-abrasive chemical cleaner, this paint cleansing product won’t create swirl marks or leave micro scratches on the paint, and neither will it remove a layer of clear coat every time you use it either. Instead, it will deep clean the paint and remove marks and other defects in the paint, as well as remove contaminants that the clay bar isn’t able to reach. Not only will the paint cleansing leave behind a lovely shine, but it also prepares the surface for wax and other sealants to adhere to.

Is car paint protection beneficial?

Left too long on the bonnet car bras can accumulate dirt and dust, which can cause minor scratches around the edges or underneath as it moves about. Clear vinyl wraps can be a better option for protecting front panels, especially if you plan on doing big country miles.

Paint protects sealants can do a very good job of protecting your paint and can be a great option for those who don’t have the time to regularly care for their car’s paint. That being said, none of the coatings are consumer-friendly to apply correctly, as it requires a huge amount of specialist preparation prior to its application, so this is something that is best left to the professionals.

Though very durable and resistant, coatings aren’t as permanent as many manufacturers will state and will still require regular maintenance to keep them at their best. As such it is still beneficial to wash it often and even give it a spruce up with a suitable spray-on sealant.

For first timers, the topic of car paint maintenance may seem daunting, but it is rewarding in both the ownership experience of giving your car that showroom shine, as well as when the time comes to part ways with it. Take care of your paint, and it will pay you back in the long run.

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