Speed car wash tips to improve car A.C. efficiency in summers?

Speed car wash tips to improve car A.C. efficiency in summers?


>> Although most modern cars adjust for revs whenever you switch on the air conditioner, it is nonetheless advisable not to drive at low rpms as your engine might stall or result in poor cooling.

>> Do not switch on the air conditioner with the fresh air vent open. This will lead to hot air from outside the car mixing with the cool air of the cabin leading to reduced cooling.

>> Do not leave the vents open as moisture enters the unit through open vents over a period of time.

>> Avoid operating the air conditioner with insufficient refrigerant gas in the system. This will result in premature failure of the compressor. Regular servicing will help.

>> Do not check the air conditioning system for leaks with the pressure over 20kg/cm2. A very high refrigerant pressure might damage the the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

>> Do not recharge your car AC’s refrigerant without proper vacuuming of the system. Lack of vacuuming or improper vacuuming will result in less cooling.


Leave the doors open to let out hot air. During tests to find if paint colour makes a difference, all cars showed a drastic drop in temperatures, and hence cooling efficiency, after the doors were left open.

Parking in the shade can keep your car as much as 150C cooler than leaving it in the sun. Park with the front half in the shade and cover windshields with a white cloth.

Before starting the AC, set to maximum cooling. Then start the fan to circulate the air. Keeping too low a temperature is not only unhealthy, but also bad for the environment.

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