10 Good Habits To Keep Your Car Clean Always.

10 Good Habits To Keep Your Car Clean Always.

Habits we should follow –

Many car owners do not invest the same time, money and effort into keeping their car interior clean as they do to keep up the appearance of the exterior. What they forget is that an unclean car interior, in addition to being unsightly, is also a dangerous breeding ground for many types of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Here are 10 tips on how to keep your car clean between washes – in the interest of not only your car but also your health.

How to keep your car clean – 10 maintenance tips

1. Keep trash bags in the car

Having one or two trash bags in the car is always a good idea since you don’t have to look for nooks and crannies such as door pockets to stuff your food wrappers, empty cans and bottles, half-eaten food, balled up tissues, etc. This will also prevent you from littering the environment.

2. Don’t smoke

Cigarette smoke has the ability to cling to every surface it comes into contact with, including your clothes and hair. If you smoke in the car interior, it will cling to the upholstery and pollute the air by getting into the AC vents. Long-term exposure to cigarette smoke will make your car interior reek and this smell is one of the hardest to get rid of.

3. Shake off floor mats

Cultivate the habit of shaking off floor mats every time you take a ride in your car. This will get rid of sand and other debris that is caught in the mats.

4. Try not to eat in the car

This is especially a hard habit to get used to, but it will ensure a cleaner interior. There will be no food wrappers to get rid of, no food droppings, and especially no unpleasant odors. If you DO have to eat inside the car, then at least keep some trash bags as mentioned above.

5. Shake off your shoes before getting into the car

Cleaner footwear will ensure a car interior that is cleaner for a longer time. Sit on the seat sideways holding your legs outside and knock your shoes together to get rid of extra sand that’s wedged in the outer soles of the shoes. This should be especially practiced on extra sandy days, such as a trip to the beach.

6. Clean up spills as soon as possible

Spills are quickly absorbed into upholstery and other surfaces of the car, leaving not only stains but also bad odors. To prevent such incidents try to clean up spills as quickly as possible. Even water can stain upholstery so try to enforce the “No eating or drinking in the car” rule mentioned above. If the car had damp clothes inside it, dry the interior as soon as possible to prevent the growth of mold.

7. Use odor eliminators instead of air fresheners

Air fresheners are not the solution to bad odors inside your car because they will mix with existing odors to worsen the problem. Instead of using these scented products, spray an odor eliminator to freshen up the air. The “clean air smell” is better than the strong, chemical smell of cheap air fresheners.

8. Keep a stash of hygienic wet wipes

For a quick clean up of a food spill or to clean your hands before handling the steering wheel (particularly after a greasy and oily meal), keep anti-bacterial cleansing wipes or baby wipes inside the car at all times.

9. Be organized

Try to get rid of unwanted documents, folders, etc. instead of allowing them to pile inside the car. When you exit the car, remember to take them with you. If you are concerned about appearances, a disorganized car interior will not help your case.

10. Remember the importance of cleanliness!

The cleanliness of your car interior is as important as your personal hygiene and requires the same amount of attention and effort. Instead of justifying your unclean interior with excuses such as “there’s no time” and “I’m busy”, make it a habit to practice the above-mentioned tips on how to keep your car clean. They will not only ensure a sanitary car but also let you prolong the length of time between washes.

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