Automated Car Washing V/s Hand Car Washing- Which one is best?

The changing essence of Automobile and the consistently developing regular workers has caused the procedure of car washing to get coordinated and accuracy based. Carwash authorities have no space for mistakes as the need to have an attractive vehicle turns into the standard. This need to come out with an about flawlessly clean vehicle has driven numerous vehicle specialists to think of various plans planned for helping vehicle proprietors wash their vehicles. The utilization of automatic car washing versus hand [...]

Checklist for Successful Auto Detailing Business

Success in the detail business is not based on just one thing, but on a series of interrelated factors To make it simple, the following is a checklist of all the possible reasons operators are experiencing problems rather than successes:   No market information about the auto detail business.   Many operators do not take the time to obtain the necessary market information before making a decision to enter the auto detail business. Often their decision is based simply on the fact that [...]

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Winterizing should begin long before customers roll up to the door. As the temps cool down, car wash owners should prepare for the influx of customers that are sure to roll in as the weather turns. Here are some quick and easy tips to help ensure your car wash system doesn’t freeze up and freeze you out in winters. Easy Entry Doors should open and close smoothly and at the right times. Invest in a door system that can withstand [...]

Best Business Opportunity List Of 2019 For Entrepreneurs

The automotive industry is one of India’s most prominent and fast growing industry in India providing job opportunities to numerous youth fresh out of college. If an individual gets the opportunity of securing a job in an Automotive Franchise then he/ she is sure to acquire steady and great income, not to mention other benefits. Best Automotive Franchises Opportunities 2019 Speed Car Wash Detailing Daddy Cozicars Detailing Devil 3M Car Care   Though they are many automotive franchise opportunities in India such as car care center, car service center, automotive [...]

Can’t See While Driving At Night Because Of Oxidized Or Dirty Headlights?

Many people complain about not being able to see at night while driving. This could be attributed to oxidized or dirty headlights. Oxidation or a damaged lens can lead to diminished visibility by up to 70%, thus lowering the amount of visible light while driving at night. Lowered visibility while driving at night can lead to an increased probability of an accident. Oxidation and damaged lens’ on your vehicle can have many negative effects. Damage to the headlight can be [...]