Monthly Car Maintenance- Keeps You Away From Unnecessaries Pay

Monthly Car Maintenance- Keeps You Away From Unnecessaries Pay

Car Maintenance Benefits

Not only will routine automotive service keep the green in your wallet, but will also help protect our environment and save natural resources.

Many drivers are trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly with their vehicle, saving not only money but also the earth’s natural resources.

By spending a little up front on routine automotive service, major automotive repair can be prevented, thus helping you reach your goal of keeping the green in your wallet and in our environment.

Stay “green” by following the four steps of automotive service below:

The Right Intervals for Automotive Service. Adhering to the schedule of the appropriate automotive service intervals includes having the performance of your engine checked, making sure your tires are properly inflated with a safe tread depth, replacing dirty air filters as necessary, schedule regular oil changes (don’t skimp on a high-quality filter), and making sure the gas cap is tight with no leaks.

You will find that your vehicle will operate cleaner, reducing toxic emissions, and saving you money at the pump with greater fuel efficiency.

Rebuild Your Engine.

When many vehicle owners face serious engine trouble, they think about purchasing a new vehicle. But it can be economically wise to keep your current car by considering a remanufactured or rebuilt engine. For about the cost of an average down payment on a new car, your old vehicle will gain new life with greater fuel efficiency.


Recycling and properly disposing of motor oil, tires, batteries, and other used parts and fluids in a conscientious manner help protect our earth.

Keep Your Old Vehicle.

A simple way to extend the life of your vehicle is to have routine automotive service performed and by not neglecting necessary automotive repair. Your old vehicle will give you many more years of reliable service–without monthly car payments and higher insurance rates.

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