Vehicle Battery Maintenance In Winter session.

Vehicle Battery Maintenance In Winter session.

Car Battery Maintenance In Winter session!

Having to go out in extreme cold to face the day is hard enough, but if you add a dead car battery to that, it’s pure misery. Winter is hard on batteries for a couple of reasons; one being that oil tends to thicken in cold weather which makes the engine work harder to turn over. Another reason is that the chemical reactions that occur inside a battery to generate electricity slow down at lower temperatures.

Here are some tips that you will find helpful to help keep your car battery strong in the cold and avoid an untimely and expensive car battery replacement.

Older batteries should be tested before winter sets in. When temperatures drop below zero even new batteries can lose up to half their power. It is strongly recommended if a battery is older than three years, take it to a specialist for testing before problems have a chance to crop up.
Avoid using accessories while starting the car. Avoid turning anything else on during this time, including lights or sound systems and ease the load on the battery.

Trickle battery

Trickle battery chargers are a popular way to keep charged up and ready to go. This is a good option for outdoor parking or in an unheated garage.Obviously, if there is a garage handy capable of retaining heat that’s where you should park your car, but not everyone has that option available to them. Don’t wait until you find yourself standing in snow up to your bumper before doing anything about battery protection. Have a professional inspect the situation, and then do something about it before it becomes an emergency car battery replacement.

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