5 Reasons Why You Car Should be Clean – at all Times!

5 Reasons Why You Car Should be Clean – at all Times!

Admit it or not, everyone loves their cars. And why not? After all they are the most-prized possession one has, of course, after his house. But as they say buying a car is easier than maintaining it, most of us often seem to forget the latter part. While some of you might think maintaining or caring for your vehicle only means sending it for ‘servicing’ once in a while, nearly half of car-owners skip the regular car-detailing i.e. to get their cars cleaned thoroughly – inside-out. And even the ones who do, leave it to their gate keeping guards, gardener, or lacking-in-skill personnel to do the task. Now why is that?  If you are the one who claims to love his machine, here is why you should why you should care for it and keep it clean at all times.

Yes, because? Hygiene and Health!

Nobody likes a dirty house, then why a dirty car? The reason more or less remains the same as to keep away your car from all kind of germs and bacteria in order to do away with diseases. A car that is washed from outside and squeaky clean from inside not only attracts onlookers and the ones sitting in it but not germs. Imagine if you have small kids and they fall sick, just because of your untidy car – absolutely not worth it. Not only them, the steering you clutch with your hands is prone to germs equivalent to your toilet seat and you wouldn’t want to be get a disease because of them.Would you?

It Adds to Your Car’s Life and Re-Sale Value

Things like a bird’s beet or bad weather conditions can have adverse impact on your vehicle. Also, getting your machine detailed every once in a while allows the cleaner to tell you a lot of hidden things which you otherwise would not know. It’s like a regular health check up of your car. The more you go for it, the healthier your four-wheeler gets,  by making its every element and part getting cleaned every now and then.

Safety & Security

Riding with a squeaky wind-shield is always better than peeping through the roads through hazy mirrors. If you are long-drive lover you would the value of that. Similarly, if the tyres or other parts are clean – it leads to a secure drive too. As they say, better safe than sorry.

It Tells Your Reality

Not everyone buys a car at 30, and if you have done you must be really doing well in your life and career. Plus if you have that car you must also be living in a decent locale. A swanky looking, clean car allows everyone to assume the same good things about you. On the other hand a dusty, shabby car says a lot about your status too, not very positive aspects though. So, the next time you ride away in a non-washed vehicle, know, that the fellow road-runners are judging you.

It’ll Make You Feel Like a King

Last but not the least, sitting in a car which is dirt-less and taking it on roads with its shining wind shields, intact paint, dent-free doors, mud-free tyres is sure to let you feel like a true king who is riding his chariot while taking on the world. So, go for CAR DETAILING every once in a month with and you’ll surly feel good about owning a machine.

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