Convert Your Free Space Into Franchise Business

Convert Your Free Space Into Franchise Business

Importance Of Franchise

My initial reaction to a franchise business that’s focused on franchise business isn’t a positive one.

It sounds a little too narrow of a niche to me. I’m not “feeling it.” Yet.

Am I right?

Turning a business into a franchise business isn’t easy. And doing so doesn’t guarantee success.

The Franchise Business

The woman on Franchise business. The title to a recent press release about-based franchise business had this headline:

“Entrepreneurs eye franchise”

Is There A Growing Demand For Car wash franchise?

Kovalcik and Walsh have a nine-year track record in their washing business, and they’ve seen growth and interest in the business.

From The wash franchise website:

“The number of the franchise has exploded in the last 5 years and we are poised to meet the growing demand with a proven business model that offers the complete package, from start to finish and beyond.”

Is there a growing demand?

I guess that if I had a 20-year-old son who was a car lover, I’d be in a better position to answer that question…but I don’t have a boy. I don’t have any real-life data about the business…the washing business.

Do you? Please share what you know about this washing business with me…and with other readers of this franchise blog who are looking for opportunities in franchise ownership. I’d appreciate it, and so would they.

Turning An Washing Into A Franchise Business

I receive 1-2 calls or emails every month from people who have an idea for a franchise concept.

Most of the people that contact me already have an established business…an independent business. They call because they feel that they have something that’s franchise-worthy.

I’m usually open to having a conversation with them, and Friday mornings are the best days for those conversations to take place. #Freecallfridays

To franchise a business these days, you need to offer a product or a service that’s special.

Today’s would-be franchise owners are presented with a plethora of choices; your offering needs to stand out. You need to show prospective franchise owners that you have a special sauce…something proprietary that’s been proven to work.

You can get a loan for this kind business

Is the Washing Business niche big enough for a franchise business?

Are there enough consumers interested in this work to warrant franchises opening all over the country?

I hope so. I’d like to see these guys grow their business.

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