Speed Car Wash Basic Seat Care Tips For Your Car

Speed Car Wash Basic Seat Care Tips For Your Car

The car seats are a very important aspect of the car, this is what connects you to your car. Many people have no idea as to how to position their seats for the ideal driving comfort. Moreover, the dirty car seats are a major turn off for the fellow passengers and can also remarkably reduce the resale value of the car. Here forth, we bring to you few tricks to bring back the shine in the car seats.

Do not eat or drink in your car

The best way to protect your car’s interiors is to avoid eating and drinking in the car. An accidental spill of a can of cola or ketchup will ruin the interior of the car for sure. Although, most people will consider this unreasonable but not eating and drinking in the car can help in many other ways. The crumbs that fall off the sandwiches attract rodents which will, in turn, out to be a major headache in the long run.

Use foam based cleaner to clean stains

You need to remember that using heavy detergents while cleaning the interior of the car will, in turn, spoil them. Instead of using heavy detergents it’s advised to use foam based cleaners which will clean the seats and the interior of the car more efficiently and properly. For cleaning the seats you need to spray the cleaner on the dirty spot and rub it with the cotton cloth. You can also clean the car upholstery in the same way. In case you don’t have access to the foam based cleaners you can achieve the same result by mixing mild detergents with lukewarm water. You should squeeze out as much water as is possible from the cloth before the subsequent cleaning.

The leather is more delicate than fabric

You need to remember that leather is a much more delicate material as compared to the normal fabric, therefore, it needs that extra care if you want it to look as good as new. Neglected leather seats and upholstery can look and smell pretty nasty. It is best to use a product that has been specially formulated for use on the leather. There are a variety of leather cleaning products available in the market, some of those can leave the leather looking shiny and slippery whereas some of them can make the leather sticky and tacky. So before using the product you need to be sure if it’s good or not and for that, you need to test it on a small area and assess if its good or not. And also you should cotton towel for cleaning instead of paper towel. You should start with vacuuming the leather seats in every nook and corner as well, but you need to be careful as the vacuum hose can scratch the leather. Then you need to spray the leather cleaner on the cotton towel and wipe the seats gently, reaching into every nook and corner. Also be very careful as you cannot clean the leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knobs like that can leave it very sticky or slippery. The best way to clean these is to take a slightly damp cloth and to rub and remove any dust, dirt or fungal growth from them.


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